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  • X30M - Textilien und Möbel

Clothing and household textiles

Decree of [...] laying down rules on extended producer responsibility for textile products (Extended Producer Responsibility Decree)

This Decree provides that producers of clothing and household textiles are responsible for the recycling and preparation for re-use of the textile products they release on the Dutch market. Producers shall also be responsible for an appropriate intake system and its financing, under the Extended Producer Responsibility Decree upon the entry into force thereof. This Decree sets quantitative targets for recycling and preparation for re-use.

Articles 3, 4 and 5 may contain technical regulations. The preparation for re-use and recycling objectives set out in these articles (Article 3), preparation for re-use (Article 4) and fibre-to-fibre recycling (Article 5) concern minimum standards for which the producer is the standard addressee. A provision of mutual recognition is not necessary, since the obligations contained in the decree do not result in the non-admission of foreign products.