HR Kroatien

Consumer eggs

Product specification ‘Proven quality’ — consumer eggs according to the national quality system for agricultural and food products ‘Proven quality’.

This specification shall prescribe special characteristics for consumer eggs concerning the method of production and quality of consumer eggs. To that end, the method of production of consumer eggs, which meets a number of specific characteristics, shall be laid down in the Specification. The Specification applies to consumer eggs produced from laying hens intended solely to be fresh for human consumption. Specific characteristics require animal welfare (improved care, improved housing conditions), quality of the main ingredient (consumer eggs)

and animal feed. The specification also lays down requirements for the marketing of consumer eggs.The specification applies to consumer eggs whose production (carriage) and packaging must take place in the same country.
Poultry Science Association in accordance with Article 98a(1).

The Agriculture Act (Narodne Novine (NN; Official Gazette of the Republic of Croatia) Nos 118/18, 42/20 and 127/20 — Decision of the CAF and 52/21) submitted to the Ministry of Agriculture an application for approval of an amendment to the Product Specification Proven quality – consumer eggs.