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The required notification to Europe relates to Article 1 of the draft Decree and the Annex.

The methods fwaters or sampling and carrying out measurements and analyses on waste water, surface water, groundwater and drinking water under the Law of 26 March 1971 on the protection of surface against pollution, the Decree of 24 January 1984 laying down groundwater management measures, and the Decree of 24 May 2002 on water intended for human use, and the implementing decrees thereof, and Titles II and III of VLAREM, are combined together.

Draft Ministerial Decree approving the Water Sampling, Measurement and Analysis Compendium (WAC), and amending Annex to the Flemish Government Decree of 1 June 1995 laying down general and sectoral provisions on environmental hygiene

Flemish regulations require that certain sampling, measurements and analyses of water must be carried out by accredited laboratories or may be carried out by the operator itself under certain conditions. These accredited laboratories and operators shall apply the methods set out in the compendium for the sampling, measurement and analysis of water, abbreviated WAC.

The WAC compendium consists of six parts: methods of sampling and pre-treatment, organoleptic analysis methods, inorganic analysis methods, organic analysis methods, biological analysis methods and methods ofvalidation.
The compendium is approved by Ministerial Decree. The draft Ministerial Decree with table of contents and all methods shall be communicated in the word document attached.