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Methods for sampling and carrying out measurements and analyses on air under the Law of 28 December 1964 on the control of air pollution and its implementing decrees, and Titles II and III of VLAREM

Draft Ministerial Decree approving the compendium for the sampling, measurement and analysis of air (LUC)

Flemish regulations require that certain sampling, measurements and analyses of air must be carried out by accredited laboratories or may be carried out by the operator itself under certain conditions. These accredited laboratories and operators shall apply the methods set out in the compendium for the sampling, measurement and analysis of air, abbreviated to LUC.

The LUC compendium consists of seven parts: methods with requirements for quality and reporting, methods for determining dust-like components with isokinetic sampling, for determining gaseous waste-gas components with measuring devices, for determining gaseous components or total (gas+dust) through chemical sampling (wet or otherwise), for determining volatile organic compounds, for determining highly volatile organic compounds sampled in gas form, for determining heavy components with multi-phase sampling (dioxins, PAHs, PCBs) and methods for diffuse emissions and efficiency determination.
The compendium is approved by ministerial decree. The draft ministerial decree with table of contents and all methods shall be communicated in the attached word document.