BG Bulgarien
  • B00 - BAUWESEN

The Regulation introduces technical requirements for the construction, installation, control and acceptance of steel structures of buildings and construction facilities implemented on the construction site.

Draft Regulation on the implementation of steel structures

The main objective of the draft Regulation is the introduction of up-to-date requirements, rules and procedures to achieve effective control and higher quality in the implementation of buildings and construction facilities with steel structures and repeal of the current Rules for Implementation and Acceptance of Types of Construction and Assembly Works (RIATCAW) — Section “Steel Structures”, approved in 1968.

The project sets out requirements that comply with the applicable existing regulatory requirements for the sustainability of buildings and facilities, fire safety, environmental protection and others related to the design and construction of steel structures. Requirements are laid down for:
- the production of steel structures on the construction site;
- the installation of steel structures;
- the mounting devices;
- criteria attached to the contractor (installer);
- the control and documentation of the construction, installation and acceptance of steel structures.