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  • N30E - Gas

This draft amending Regulation aims to define the quality parameters of gaseous fuels transported through transmission and distribution networks. The draft Regulation extends the scope of the regulations to include biomethane-specific pollutants with a view to allowing for a dynamic development of the biomethane market while at the same time ensuring safe operation of the existing gas network.

Regulation of the Minister for Climate and the Environment amending the Regulation on the detailed conditions for the operation of the gas system

The aim of this draft is to enable the injection of biomethane into the gas network. This draft should be considered in the broader context of planned regulations ensuring a favourable regulatory environment for the development of the biomethane market in Poland. A key change in this regard is the adaptation of gas fuel quality regulations by setting minimum requirements for substances that are specific to biomethane production and which will have a negative impact on the gas network by, inter alia, speeding up corrosive processes. This approach will allow to maintain a high level of security for the operation of the gas network and ensure a transparent and non-discriminatory approach for all gas system users. The experience of the gas sector,

especially gas system operators, as well as biomethane producers and large consumers of gaseous fuels, was used to determine the limit values of individual parameters together with the frequency of measuring them.
Standards defined based on, inter alia, Polskie Normy [Polish Standards], scientific experience of renowned research institutes and representative industry organisations were also taken into account.