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The Decree lays down specific fire safety standards for bi-community elderly care facilities in the Brussels Region. The standards apply to the buildings, the materials used and their equipment, as well as to the maintenance and inspection of those buildings and their equipment and the organisation of fire safety.

Decree of the United College of the Common Community Commission laying down specific fire safety standards for elderly care facilities

The Decree lays down specific fire safety standards that bi-community elderly care facilities must meet. The standards apply to retirement homes, day care centres, night care centres and serviced residences.

The decree lays down, inter alia, the procedure to be followed for issuing fire safety certificates by the mayor and the procedure for granting derogations from the standards.
The specific standards are set out in Annexes 1 and 2 to the Decree. Annexes 3, 4 and 5 set out the three models for the fire safety certificate (A, B and C). If a facility does not have a valid A or B fire safety certificate, it cannot obtain a provisional operating licence or approval or this may be withdrawn.
Finally, this decree repeals the Royal Decree of 12 March 1974 laying down the fire safety standards for retirement homes for the elderly.

Keywords: fire safety standards, elderly care facilities, bi-community