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  • C50A - Lebensmittel

C50A — Foodstuffs,

C60A – Labelling

Draft Regulation of the Minister for Agriculture and Rural Development detailing the method of production of fermented wine drinks, the types of these beverages, their additional labelling and the specific requirements to be met by these beverages.

The draft Regulation defines:

— details of the production of fermented wine beverages;
— types of fermented wine beverages; specific organoleptic, physical and chemical requirements to be met by fermented wine beverages;
— additional terms characterising a fermented wine drink which are used or may be used in the name of that fermented wine drink.
As regards the method of production of fermented wine drinks, the draft provisions specify, inter alia, the production processes authorised for the production of fermented wine drinks, the substances and practices authorised for use in the production of such beverages, the characteristics of the products from which the must blends for fermented wine drinks are made, the shares of musts, juices and concentrated juices, in terms of reconstituted juice and fruit in these must blends.
The draft clarifies the types of fermented wine drinks depending on, inter alia, the level of sweetness (dry, semi-dry, sweet, semi-sweet), carbon dioxide content (sparkling, carbonated), addition of juice to meads (e.g. ‘apple teece mead’) or the determination of the raw material from which the fruit wine was made (e.g. “raspberry fruit wine”).
The proposed regulation regulates the organoleptic and physicochemical properties of fermented wine drinks, in particular colour, taste, aroma, clarity, total acidity, volatile acidity, reducing sugar content, ash content.
As regards labelling, the draft provisions specify the supplementary information on the names of fermented wine drinks to be indicated or that may appear on the label of those products, including the indication of the level of sweetness, the carbon dioxide content, the replacement of the term ‘fruit’ by the name of the fruit used in the name of the beverage in question, and the manner in which that information is to be affixed to the packaging of fermented wine drinks.