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industrial emissions

Decree of ... amending the Environmental Activities Decree and the Decree on quality of the living environment in connection with the updating of the rules on industrial emissions

This authorised change amends the Environmental Activities Decree (hereinafter: Bal [Besluit activiteiten leefomgeving]) and refers to the updating and upgrading of the Best Available Techniques (hereinafter: BAT) of rules on industrial emissions to air. In addition, it contributes to the implementation of the agreements made by the State, provinces and municipalities in the Clean Air Agreement on the reduction of industrial emissions concluded on 13 January 2020.

To this end, the emission limit values for biomass boilers and the emission limit values in paragraph 5.4.4 of the Bal — the so-called ‘air module’ — are adapted, the paragraph may contain technical requirements. In Article 4.1303, ‘electrostatic filter’, for example is replaced by ‘bag filter’.
The authorised change also contains an amendment to the Bal to provide a basis for the inclusion of the calculation of cost-effectiveness of investment measures to comply with the minimisation obligation for substances of very high concern in the Environmental Regulation and introduces a number of new substances of very high concern to the annexes to the Bal.
The Environmental Activities Decree already contains a system of mutual recognition provisions. The limited amendments to Environmental Activities Decree envisaged by this Decree do not give rise to any change to this.