NO Norwegen
  • T20T - Seetransport und Binnenschifffahrtstransport

Fishing vessels/ Cargo vessels/ Passenger vessels which engage in oil recovery operations.

Regulation concerning amendments to the Regulations on vessels in oil recovery operations.

The draft technical regulations suggests amendments to the Regulations on vessels in oil polution recovery.

The scope of the DTR is vessels of all lengths, which engage in oil recocery operations, but which are not certified to carry out oil recovery operations through their ordinary/main certificates. The scope of the draft is oil recovery of oil with a flashpoint of 60 C and higher.
Among other things, the DTR contains safety requirements concerning the ship's structure, stability, navigation, fire protection and fire extinguishing systems. Several of the amendments intend to codify existing practice.
The whole outline of the DTR can be downloaded in Norwegian language on our website at the following address: https://www.sdir.no/en/shippin...