NO Norwegen

Explosives precursors listed in Annex I and II of Regulation (EU) No 2019/1148

Draft Regulation on explosives precursors

The proposed regulation implement Regulation (EU) 2019/1148 regarding marketing and use of explosives precursors. In addition, the proposed regulation continues the privious complemented national requirements in today's regulation regarding:

- written duty of information to the next link in the supply chain up to and including the professional user, in the case of sale or other delivery of explosives precursors in Annex I, cf. the proposal § 8 first paragraph and current regulations § 12.
- requirements to keep an overview of the stock of explosives precursors cf. the proposal § 9 fourth paragraph og current regulation § 10 second paragraph.
- A requirement to be registered in a Norwegian public register of enterprises, or corresponding public register in another country, cf. the proposal § 10 and current regulation § 7
- requirements for declaration and notification, cf. the proposal § 11 and current regulations § 8
- requirements for storage of explosives precursors subject to restrictions, cf. the proposal § 13 with associated exceptions in the proposal § 14, and current regulations § 14 and § 15
- requirements for identification and competence in transport assignments, cf. the proposal § 16 and current regulations § 17.
What is new in the national requirements since the previous notification is that the proposal § 13 proposes requirements that all regulated explosives precursors must be properly secured, and that one must have control over who has access to all regulated explosives precursors . In § 14 of the current regulations, only substances subject to restrictions in Annex 1 to the Regulation are subject to explicit storage requirements. The current
regulations § 5 also stipulates that everyone who handles regulated precursors is obliged to exercise caution and do what is necessary to prevent them from going astray or falling into the wrong hands. There are therefore already requirements for all regulated explosives precursors, but the proposal in new regulations § 13 is expanded somewhat.
Note that in the proposed regulations § 24 states that one can use these precursors, under these conditions, until 2. February 2022. The date is incorrect with an neglience. The date shall be 3 months after the regulation entry into force.