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Construction materials

Proposed amendments to Regulations on technical requirements for construction works

The draft regulatory provisions propose amendments to Regulations on technical requirements for construction works (TEK17) Chapters 9 and 14 and Regulations relating to building applications (SAK10) Chapters 5, 8 and 12. See Attachment for a comprehensive description of the proposal.

Chapter 14 regards energy requirements for buildings. The proposed changes concerns requirements for documentation of greenhouse gas emissions from materials (greenhouse gas calculation) for apartment buildings and commercial buildings. The proposal also introduces a voluntary, alternative model to the current energy requirements, which allows greater flexibility to meet the requirements by using materials with lower documented greenhouse gas emissions. Furhter, the proposal includes some clarfications and simplifications in other energy requirements.
Chapter 9 regards requirements related to the external environment. The proposal concerns spesification of the existing requirements regarding substances hazardous to health and the environment in solid products. The proposal includes a change in the requirement for sorting of construction waste, from 60 to at least 70 per cent by weight. The proposal also introduces requirements to facilitate new buildings for subsequent reuse. For modification and demolition of existing buildings, the proposal introduces requirements to determine whether materials are suitable for reuse and to prepare a reuse report.
The amendments to SAK 10, Chapters 5, 8 and 12 on documentation, completion and responsibilities are proposed as a consequence of the amendments to TEK17 Chapter 9.