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The Regulations apply to any party who holds or is obliged to hold an aquaculture licence pursuant to the Act of 17 June 2005 No 79 relating to Aquaculture (Aquaculture Act) for aquaculture of fish.

The Regulations apply to producers of goods and services for the aquaculture industry, including accredited inspection and certification bodies.
The Regulations apply to aquaculture installations in the sea, lakes and watercourses and to components for such installations.

Regulations on technical standards for aquaculture installations for fish in the sea, lakes and watercourses (NYTEK22)

The Regulations are intended to help prevent fish escaping from aquaculture installations in the sea, lakes and watercourses by ensuring that the technical standard of the installations is satisfactory.

The general regulations concerns liability and general requirements for engineering, construction, operation and maintenance.
There is a chapter with regulations concerning site surveys and inspections related to an aquaculture site.
Charpter 4 is concerning the general requirements for aquaculture installations and their components. In this chapter one will find requirements relating to design, loads and capacity and materials, traceability, marking, manuals and control of engineering and construction.
Chapter 5 goes on to specify requirements relating to specific components such as integrated main components floating rafts, mooring and positioning systems, auxiliary equipment etc.
Chapter 6 states requirements for accreditation.
Chapter 7 states requirements for product certification and extension of service life.
Chapter 8 gives requirements for an installation certificate. All aquaculture installations shall have an installation certificate issued by an inspection body accredited to issue installation certificates. Aquaculture installations that do not have an installation certificate cannot be used for aquaculture.
Chapter 9. Requirements relating to operation, maintenance, action in case of nonconformities, notification obligation etc.