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Fireworks and other pyrotechnical articles

Proposed Regulations concerning pyrotechnic articles

The proposed regulation implement Directive 2013/29/EU related to the making available on the marked of pyrotechnic articles and Directive 2014/58/EU related to a system for the tracebility of pyrotechnic articles. I Norway only category F1 fireworks and category F2 and F3 fireworks set out in Annex IV, of the proposed regulation, and category P1 pyrotechnic articles may be made available to the consumer. Category F1 fireworks may only be handled by persons above 16 years old. In addition the regulation sets outs requirements concerning:

- handling of pyrotechnic articles by consumers (chap.3)
- event organizers and events where fireworks and theatrical pyrotechnic articles are used (chap. 4)
- handling of pyrotechnic articles by professional pyrotechnicians (chap. 5)
- distribution of category F2 and F3 fireworks between Christmas and New Year (chap.6)
- import, supply and distribution of pyrotechnic articles (chap.7)
- storage of pyrotechnic articles (chap.8)
- collection, reception and disposal of pyrotechnic articles (chap.9) and
- training programs and certificates for the use of category F4, T1 and T2, distribution of category F2 and F3 and import or distribute into Norway category F2, F3, F4, T1 and T2 (chap.13).