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Reglugerð um breytingu á reglugerð nr. 822/2004 um gerð og búnað ökutækja

Regulation amending regulation no 822/2004 on vehicle design and equipment

Vehicles that have been damaged so that their driving qualities and safety has been compromised must be deregistered. It can then be repaired and registered again. After being registered again it can be driven on public roads in common traffic.

Under the rules previously in force anyone could repair a damaged vehicle, have it inspected and reregistered. With the amendment under discussion here this changes. If a vehicle has been damaged to the extent described above only a certified workshop is allowed to perform the repair necessary. Apart from the certification the workshop in question shall have the equipment required by the manufacturer.
It should be iterated here that in the regulation no difference is made between vehicles repaired in other EU countries and vehicles repaired in Iceland.