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solid biomass fuels

Draft Decree on general information provided by suppliers of solid fuels for heating purposes to non-professional users concerning appropriate storage and use conditions in order to limit the impact of their combustion on air quality

This Decree defines the information provided by distributors of solid biomass fuels for the purposes of heating which must be visible on the invoice, and at the point of sale or on the website:

- the words ‘ready to use’ where the moisture content of the fuel is less than 23 %, and on the other side, the words ‘dry before use’
- an indication of the moisture content by gross weight of the fuel
There must be transmitted to the purchaser on paper or in a dematerialised manner:
- good practices on the use of fuel and its potential impact on air quality and energy consumption,
- good practices for drying fuel in the form of logs where the moisture content is greater than 23 % at the moment of sale