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Framework of requirements and methods of communication by advertisers of the elements justifying claims of climate neutrality in advertising for their products or services

Decree on carbon offsetting and claims of carbon neutrality in advertising

This draft decree lays down the communication procedures for advertisers regarding the carbon neutrality of their products or services. It makes these claims conditional on the production of a greenhouse gas emissions balance sheet covering the entire life cycle of the product or service advertised. This balance sheet shall be worked out in accordance with the requirements of the reference standard ISO 14067, relating to the carbon footprint of products, or any other standard consistent with the requirements of that standard.

The declarations concerned appear in advertising correspondence aimed at individuals, advertising printed matter distributed to the public, advertising posters, advertisements in press publications, advertisements broadcast in cinemas, advertisements issued by television or broadcasting services or by means of communication services to the public online, or on the packaging of goods.
This balance sheet, which is required in the event of such a claim, shall be included in a report which also sets out the target path for reducing greenhouse gas emissions associated with the product or service advertised, as well as the arrangements for offsetting residual emissions (the nature, description and, where possible, cost of the compensation projects implemented).
This report shall be updated annually throughout the marketing period of the product or service and published on the advertiser’s website or, failing that, on his mobile application. The web link or quick response code (QR-code) to access this publication is indicated on the advertisement or packaging with the claim of carbon neutrality.
The draft decree also provides for a system of sanctions for failure to comply with the above-mentioned obligations.