DK Dänemark

The draft contains a new stricter framework for the use of energy crops for the production of biogas.
Energy crops are defined as energy crops covered by Annex 1 of the draft. These crops are maize, beets, corn, grass, clover grass and Jerusalem artichokes.

Order amending the Order on sustainability and greenhouse gas emission saving for biomass fuels and bioliquids for energy purposes, etc.

The proposed changes to the energy crop regulations imply a gradual phasing-in of a lower energy crop limit from 12 % to 8 % in 2022. In 2023, the energy crop limit is further reduced to 6 % and finally to 4 % in 2024/2025. In order to ensure an appropriate transition period for the biogas plants concerned, at the same time as the lower energy crop limits, a lower basic allowance is introduced in relation to the amount of biomass used, within which it is still possible to obtain support for the use of 12 % of energy crops for the production of biogas.

The proposal states that maize as a permitted energy crop will be phased out for biogas production in 2025.