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The rules concern publicly accessible recharging points and allow operators of publicly accessible recharging points with a power of less than 50 kW to choose to offer the provision of recharging services (roaming) as an exception to the general rule of payment via payment card readers.

The operator of the recharging point may choose whether to offer bilateral roaming, see section 8 of the draft bill, or whether hub-based roaming is to be offered, see section 9 of the draft bill.

Draft bill on infrastructure for alternative transport fuels

The draft bill on infrastructure for alternative transport fuels imposes, inter alia, requirements on operators of publicly accessible charging points for electric vehicles. The draft bill lays down requirements for the establishment and operation of recharging points for electric vehicles on public land, as well as the continuation of the existing provisions of the AFI Act on the implementation of international conventions and EU rules on matters relating to infrastructure for alternative fuels, including the AFI Directive.