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measuring instruments

Regulation of the Minister of Development and Technology amending the Regulation on the legal metrological control of measuring instruments

Proposed amendments:

— enabling the applicant to make a declaration indicating that documents which may constitute a trade secret may not be made available;
— software plays a significant role in the design of measuring instruments. In many cases, it is necessary to be in the possession of certain software information in order to assess compliance with the requirements of relevant technical regulations. At the same time, software is subject to systematic technological development and change. It is therefore necessary to clarify the provisions on the documentation provided with measuring instrument software so that authorities receive the information necessary for the assessment of the requirements and that the applicant does not bear an excessive documentation burden related to the software.
— enabling applicants to supplement a legal validation request not only with the original validation certificates, but also copies thereof; it should be noted that this amendment allows for a lawful use of a given measuring instrument within the period of its legal validity, provided that a re-validation request is submitted.
— enabling extension of the scope of the replacement of measuring instruments from a control sample to secondary measuring instruments as part of the re-validation process carried out by means of a statistical method is intended to enable the preparation of a control sample and, consequently, the acceptance of a statistical validation request where access to the measuring instrument is restricted, e.g. in the absence of the user of a given measuring instrument.
— clarification of nomenclature for measuring systems for continuous and dynamic measurement of quantities of liquids other than water is due to the fact that in the case of measuring systems for liquids at extreme temperatures, the upper temperature limit of a liquid is not laid down (in the range of negative temperatures, for liquids other than cryogenic). A particular case of a liquid (liquid gas under pressure) with temperature parameters consistent with those in the proposed wording, i.e. liquids below –10°C, is liquefied natural gas (LNG). The proposed amendment will ensure that all LNG facilities as well as cryogenic liquid systems shall be treated in a uniform manner.