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The regulations contain general requirements for the handling of flammable liquids in devices and specific requirements for handling flammable liquids in loose containers, tanks, pipes and hose lines.

The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency’s regulations on the handling of flammable liquids

The regulations are targeted at those who handle flammable liquids in Sweden. The regulations are issued by virtue of the Act (2010:1011) on Flammable and Explosive Goods (LBE). The regulations contain clarifications as to what the duty of care requirement in § 6 of the Act means when handling flammable liquids. The duty of care requirement means, inter alia, that the handler of flammable goods must take the necessary measures and precautions to stop, prevent and limit accidents and damage to life, health, the environment or property that may result from fire or explosion caused by the goods. The regulations also include clarifications of the requirements in § 7 (regarding investigation), § 9 (regarding managers) and § 10 (regarding buildings, other installations and

devices and that any such building, installation and device may not be used, marketed or sold unless it has been found to be satisfactory from the point of view of protection following a technical investigation, inspection or other examination) LBE.