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  • B30 - Umwelt

Sustainable management of material cycles and waste.

Ministerial Decree approving the certification regulation for asbestos certification bodies

The present draft MB certification regulation details the provisions contained in the Decree of the Flemish Government of 17 February 2012 laying down the Flemish Regulation on the sustainable management of material cycles and waste (Vlarema), in particular Articles 5.4.3 to 5.4.12 and 5.4.14 included. This detail is delegated in the Vlarema to a Ministerial Decree (MB).

The measures set out in the certification regulation are necessary for the quality and correct inventory of asbestos in implementation of the asbestos reduction action plan, including provisions on the accreditation of certification bodies and the certification of asbestos experts.
The certification regulation contains clarifications of the conditions for accreditation for the certification bodies of asbestos and guidelines for carrying out the tasks in the context of their accreditation. In addition, the certification regulation also contains clarifications on the certification conditions for asbestos experts, the procedure to be followed to obtain a certificate and guidelines on the quality use of the certificates. Finally, it also describes the access rights to the asbestos inventory database.