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This Regulation provides for the designation of technical standards for certain decisions and other legal instruments within the domain of the Environment and Planning Act [Omgevingswet].

Regulation No [number] of the Minister for the Interior and Kingdom Relations and the State Secretary of the Iterior and Kingdom Relations of [date] specifying standards for publication of decisions and other legal instruments in accordance with the Environment and Planning Act (Regulation on Environment and Planning Act publication standards)

The draft Regulation contains rules implementing the Electronic Publications Law [Wet elektronische publicaties] and the Electronic Publications Decision [Besluit elektronische publicaties] based on this Law. The rules apply to central and local authorities in the Netherlands.

Article 2 (1) of the draft Regulation, relating to the annexes to the draft Regulation, lays down provisions for the electronic formatting of decisions according to the Environment and Planning Act, the Official Publications Standard [STOP] (Annex 1) and the Environment and Planning Act Information Model [IMOW] (Annex 3). These standards shall be applied by using an application profile prepared for this type of decision.
In addition, Article 2 (2) lays down provisions for the use of an interface (Annex 2) to submit decisions to a centralised facility for official publication.
Article 2 (1 and 2) of the draft Regulation, along with Annexes 1, 2 and 3, may contain possible technical regulations.
Article 5 of the draft Regulation contains a provision on mutual recognition.