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Pyrotechnic articles for civil use

Government Decree amending Government Decree No 173/2011 of 31 August 2011 on pyrotechnics activities for civilian use

Compared to the legislation in force, the amendment seeks to introduce the following obligations:

1. With the exception of pyrotechnic articles for vehicles, pyrotechnic articles intended for national distribution or, where there is insufficient space, the smallest unit packet of the articles shall be accompanied by an animal welfare information document in the wording laid down in the legislation.
2. In the case of quiet (animal-friendly) pyrotechnic articles, the pyrotechnic article intended for national distribution or, where there is insufficient space, the smallest unit packet of the article shall bear a reference to the above nature of the product, with the exception of pyrotechnic articles for vehicles.
3. Minimum legal conditions will be introduced for remote surveillance triggering on-site response, in addition to the ones already set for the storage of pyrotechnic articles in containers.
4. For explosives stored on the storage site, in the pyrotechnic warehouse or in the pyrotechnic storage room, a requirement is newly laid down for the mandatory indication, in the product register, of the TNT equivalent by product and in total.
5. When applying for an authorisation to export to or import from a non-EEA Member State a pyrotechnic article for civil use, the applicant shall now also prove:
(a) in the case of export, the existence of a customer’s declaration about or an invoice of the purchase of the product,
(b) in the case of import, the exact place of storage,
(c) the existence of a pyrotechnician certificate of competence, and
(d) the passing of the fire safety exam.
6. Pyrotechnic products under class T1 and P1 will be allowed for use in public establishments, public buildings, sports facilities, premises used by ecclesiastical legal entities, protected natural areas and public places serving as venues for events, only in the presence and under the guidance of a pyrotechnician after this amendment has become effective.