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Crushed concrete

Decree on the end-of-waste criteria for crushed concrete

The Decree lays down criteria for determining when crushed concrete produced from concrete waste ceases to be waste. The Decree contains provisions on the requirements relating to the treatment of concrete waste and on the approved uses and quality requirements according to use of the produced crushed concrete. The concrete waste covered by the Decree shall be sorted into different types according to origin and quality in order to determine the approved uses of the produced crushed concrete.

Compliance with the requirements of the Decree shall be ensured through criteria relating to the acceptance inspection, pre-treatment and recovery of the concrete waste and to the quality and demonstration of quality of the finished crushed concrete. The manufacturer of the crushed concrete must have a quality assurance system in place, the conformity of which must be verified by an independent party. The manufacturer shall issue a declaration of conformity for the crushed concrete produced, which must be given to the recipient with each
consignment of crushed concrete.