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The rules provide for particulate filter requirements for diesel-powered vans and passenger cars in environmental zones.

Act amending the Environmental Protection Act (Tightening environmental zones to include diesel-powered passenger cars)

The Bill will allow five Danish municipalities to tighten their existing environmental zones to include diesel-powered passenger cars. If municipalities choose to tighten their environmental zone, all diesel-powered passenger cars located in an environmental zone will be required to have a particulate filter, either factory-fitted or retrofitted.

In order to give affected car owners and residents in the environmental zones time to adapt to environmental zone requirements, it is proposed that the tightening enters into force only 9 months after a final municipal decision, which requires prior consultation of at least four weeks. That is from 1 January 2023 at the earliest.
Affected car owners can adapt to the requirements by switching to a newer vehicle. Particulate filters may also be retrofitted or, in exceptional cases, a time-limited exemption or derogation may be possible.
In addition, the Bill proposes to bring forward the entry into force of existing requirements on particulate filters for diesel vans to 1 July 2023. The rules would otherwise have entered into force on 1 July 2025.