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The regulations do not contain any direct requirements for goods, but may have consequences for how goods are designed, e.g. wheelchair ramps (Chapter 3, § 12) and run-off guard rails (Chapter 6, § 5).

The regulations also contain requirements for the design of signs and markings (Annexes 3 and 4). These requirements are the direct implementation of Council Directive 92/58/EEC of 24 June 1992 on the minimum requirements for the provision of safety and/or health signs at work.
Furthermore, there are requirements for the marking of racking systems (Chapter 3, § 29). This requirement stems from previously notified regulations (see question 9).

The Swedish Work Environment Authority’s regulations (AFS 20XX:XX) on workplace design

Requirements for the physical design of workplaces:

Design of work premises and staff areas, e.g. adequate working space.
Evacuation, alarm and fire protection.
Climate and installations, including requirements on air quality, ventilation, temperature, daylight and lighting, acoustics.
Safety, including protection against falls and collapse, cold injuries and burns, and lock-in.
Signs and signals.
Regulations have been partially notified in the past. Chapter 3, §§ 29-31, notification number 1998/120/S.