BE Belgien
  • B20 - Sicherheit

Activities, means and methods of secure transport of valuables by security companies or internal security services

Royal Decree regulating certain methods of monitoring and protecting values and on the technical characteristics of vehicles for transporting valuables

The draft decision governs the way in which the transport of valuables should be organised in Belgium, as foreseen as a surveillance activity within the scope of the Law of 2 October 2017 regulating private and special safety. Specifically, that decision determines the methods to be used, the standards and guarantees of quality and security associated with the execution of that delicate activity.

Chapter 1 defines the terms used in the text of the draft decision;
Chapter 2 defines the protected spaces and protected areas associated with the manipulation of valuables and the conditions with which they must comply;
Chapter 3 defines the scenarios in which containers and neutralisation systems shall be used and which they must comply with;
Chapter 4 defines the nature and types of secured transport;
Chapter 5 lays down the rules on the supply and provisions of stopping points equipped with a cash dispenser;
Chapter 6 defines the technical characteristics of vehicles used in the secure transport of valuables
Chapter 7 lays down the procedure for the approval of the initial entry into service neutralisation systems.