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Requirements for the design of a public highway

Road design standards

The need to prepare a draft is primarily due to the need to bring the regulation into line with developments in the field and to remove the bottlenecks that have arisen in the implementation practice of the Regulation. The changes proposed in the draft relate primarily to the materials used in the construction of the road – the aim of the draft is to review these requirements and thereby encourage the introduction of best practices, give more freedom in the choice of construction materials and improve use of building materials.

The draft legislation gives more choices and flexibility in design, and thanks to new control methods, the construction process will also become more efficient – the financial and time cost of checking materials on the site will be reduced. This will make the entire road construction process more efficient and streamlined.
Potentially, the modification may also lead to an increase in the range of materials suitable for the construction of the road embankment, which has a positive impact on both the use of local materials and on transport distances, and reduces the negative impact on the environment as a whole. The construction of public roads is becoming more environmentally friendly.