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Construction products

On adoption of the list of Regulated construction products

The draft Order sets out the mandatory technical specifications, essential requirements and systems of constancy of performance applied to various construction products, such as fillers, binders, concretes and mortars, road construction materials, masonry products and accessories, thermal insulation materials and articles, concrete, reinforced concrete and natural stone products, windows, doors and other barriers, wood products, structures and elements thereof, glass and products thereof, roofing and products thereof, flooring, wall, ceiling and floor coverings, bituminous materials, waterproofing, sealing materials and products thereof, binders, geosynthetics, paints, varnishes, putty, primers and coatings, power, control and communication cables, sewage treatment plants, plumbing, heating and ventilation equipment, reinforcing steel, embedded parts and elements, metal supporting structures and their elements, vehicles, chimneys, chimney system elements, fire-fighting kits, fire-fighting components and measures, fixed fire-fighting systems and their components, equipment for fire detection and signalling systems, smoke and heat management systems, etc.

The new draft legislation also introduces systems for assessment and verification of constancy of performance of construction products for which there are no harmonised technical specifications.