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— 5G networks" or "5G-based networks”

Law on requirements to ensure the security of fifth-generation electronic communications networks and services

The project, taking into account the European Commission Recommendation (EU) 2019/534 of 26 March 2019 on cybersecurity of 5G networks, the coordinated risk analysis of Member States and the “toolbox” agreed by Member States as a common basis for the secure development of 5G technology in Europe, as well as the European Commission Communication of 29 January 2020 “Secure 5G deployment in the EU – Implementation of the EU Toolbox” (COM/2020/50 final) sets security requirements for the deployment and operation of electronic communications networks and the provision of 5G technology-based electronic communications services, pursuing the following objectives:

a) strengthen security in the operation of 5G networks, and in the provision of mobile, wireless and other 5G-based communications services.
b) promote a sufficiently diversified supplier market and avoid dependence on suppliers with a high risk rating.
c) avoid possible interference by third parties in the supply chain.
d) to protect national security.
e) strengthen industry and promote national cybersecurity R&D&I