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  • C50A - Lebensmittel

Food products obtained in accordance with certain requirements from raw materials originating from agriculture, livestock, fishing, shellfishing and aquaculture.

Draft Order approving various technical standards and distinguishing identifiers for artisanal food products

Law 2/2005 of 18 February 2005 on the promotion and defence of Galician food quality (notified above) constitutes the current legal framework for artisanal food products in Galicia, in accordance with its second final provision. This law devotes the third chapter of its third title to making an initial regulation of this activity at the expense of further regulatory development.

This development was carried out by Decree 174/2019 of 19 December 2019 regulating artisanal food products, published in the Official Journal of Galicia on 10 February 2020 (also previously notified).
Both Law 2/2005 of 18 February 2005 and Decree 174/2019 of 19 December 2019 provide that artisanal products must be produced in accordance with the conditions laid down in the technical standard which, for each product or group of products, must be approved by an order.
Moreover, in accordance with the provisions of the third final provision of Decree 174/2019 of 19 December 2019, the forecasts contained therein relating to artisanal food activities will produce effects as the technical standards for each product or group of products are approved and published. It is therefore necessary to adopt a first set of technical standards for artisanal food products, which will enable companies engaged in one of the activities covered by these technical standards to start registering on the artisanal food products register. This draft order contains 14 technical standards corresponding to the following products or groups of products:
- Cheese
- Yoghurt
- Requeixo
- Ice cream
-Meat products
-Vegetable preserves
-Dried products of plant origin
-Confectionery, pastry
-Chocolate and cocoa derivatives
-Plant products for infusion for use in food and as a condiment for use in food
-Olive oil

In addition, the placing on the market of artisanal food products produced by these companies also requires the approval of the labels that will enable consumers to identify them. To that end, this draft order seeks to approve those labels.