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  • C10A - Fischerei

Cultural heritage fishing with the following fishing gear: fyke nets, eel bucks, bottom-set nets, bait pit and bait hook mitt.

Policy rule on the IJsselmeer licence exemption for cultural heritage fishing

The fishery on the IJsselmeer, Markermeer and IJmeer (hereinafter collectively the ‘IJsselmeer’) is regulated by a licensing system pursuant to Article 8 of the Act on inland fisheries 1985 [Reglement voor de binnenvisserij 1985]. The Act is intended to protect fish stocks, public health and the well-being of the fish. The Minister for Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality (hereinafter ‘the Minister’) may grant exemptions or derogations from this licensing requirement (Article 11 of the Act on inland fisheries 1985). The present policy rule specifies how the

Minister shall use the power to waive the licensing requirement for cultural heritage fishing. This gives fishers and other parties clarity regarding when the Minister will waive the IJsselmeer licensing requirement for and the leeway it gives to cultural heritage fishing. This policy rule may contain technical regulations (such as the definition of ‘eel buck’ included in Article 1, limits on the fishing gear permitted in cultural heritage fishing (Article 2) and limits on the scope of cultural heritage fishing (Article 5)).