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  • I20 - Druckgeräte, Gasverbrauchseinrichtungen und Heizkessel

pressure equipment

pressure cookers
process pipelines
steam pipelines connecting a boiler to a turbogenerator
fixed tanks
technical supervision

Regulation of the Minister for Development, Labour and Technology on technical conditions for technical supervision of certain pressure equipment subject to technical supervision

The draft introduces provisions for the design, manufacture, repair and modernisation of pressure equipment, and the provisions on the materials and components used for the manufacture, repair or modernisation of that equipment. In addition, the draft sets out separate provisions for the operating phase of different pieces of pressure equipment. The draft also introduces regulations for the equipment (pressure cookers, portable tanks, process pipelines and steam pipelines connecting boilers to turbogenerators). It also introduces innovative tests dedicated to specific devices (e.g. an in-service testing programme and safety analysis of a device’s operation) and establishes solutions that have functioned so far in the supervision practice. In addition, the draft extends, as expected by entrepreneurs, the period between consecutive testing dates, but does not abandon the standards that have so far guaranteed the safe operation of pressure equipment by entrepreneurs. The draft organises the current regulations and the practice developed jointly by technical supervision and operating units.

It allows to ensure a high level of safety of pressure equipment.