DK Dänemark
  • C50A - Lebensmittel


Draft Order on the authorisation and registration of food businesses etc.

§ 2: New definitions, including the definition of farm sales.

§ 3(1): New provisions for the registration as primary producers of certain intermediaries for live mussels etc.
(live bivalve molluscs, live echinoderms, live tunicates and live marine gastropods) and certain collection centres for game
(game depots). Intermediaries and game depots which are not to be registered as primary producers must instead be authorised as an establishment according to the primary production and are therefore covered by §7(1) of the Order.
§ 15: New provision on the registration of slaughterhouses to slaughter animals according to religious rites.
§ 32: New provision that intermediaries for live mussels, etc., and the game depots that must be registered as primary producers must contact the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration via contact form or by telephone in order to be registered as a primary producer.
§ 41: New provisions on notification of cessation or temporary cessation of an establishment or activity. The aim of the new provisions is to avoid having inactive establishments registered and that information on the activities of establishments is up-to-date:
- It must be notified to the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration when an establishment temporarily ceases to be an establishment or temporarily ceases an activity for a period with an expected duration of eight months or more.
- However, in the case of slaughterhouses which cease slaughtering according to religious rites, it must be notified to the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration within three months of the last slaughter according to religious rites.
- Establishments must get registered or apply for authorisation, before they can restart ceased or temporarily ceased activities.
§ 45(3) and (4): Transitional provisions which are no longer relevant are deleted.
In addition, there are a number of editorial changes of a linguistic nature as well as changes to section numbers resulting from the insertion of the new section 15.