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  • C60A - Etikettierung

The subject matter of this scheme concerns the labelling of foodstuffs.

Regulation of the Minister for Medical Care, designating Nutri-Score as a food choice logo and its conditions of use (Regulation on the designation of food choice logo)

This scheme designates Nutri-Score as a food choice logo. Nutri-Score is a voluntary food choice logo for food, which helps consumers make healthier choices when purchasing within a product group. Nutri-Score is established by assigning points for the amounts of protein, fibre, fruit, vegetables, legumes and nuts contained in a food. Points are deducted from this score for the energy content (kilocalories), the quantities of sugars, saturated fat and salt. On the basis of the overall score, a product receives an A, B, C, D or E (from healthy to least healthy). The Nutri-Score logo must be used in accordance with international terms of use. The Dutch translation (which is still under development) will be published on a website to be determined. When using Nutri-Score, food businesses should place the logo on the front of their food. This helps consumers see at a glance which product is the healthier choice.