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Adaptations of the inspection methodology and the requirements of competence for the inspection of air-conditioning systems and combined air conditioning and ventilation systems.

Regulation amending the Buildings Decree 2012 and the Environmental legislation on the elaboration of the methodology and expertise requirements to be applied for air conditioning inspection experts.

In the present legislation, the inspection methodology and the expertise requirements for air conditioning systems have been adapted to three elements. First of all, they have been expanded to include combined ventilation systems. Secondly, they have been extended to cover the heating part of combined heating and air conditioning systems. Finally, the description in the Annex IV (Annex XI in the Environment legislation) has been clarified and simplified. This will benefit the performance of inspections. The Annex IV (the Annex XI to the Environment legislation) incorporates the adaptations to the Inspection methodology and the expertise requirements. The annex contains an inspection list and an advisory list. The inspection list indicates how the

inspection should be designed in terms of content and which aspects of an air conditioning system should be considered in the inspection. The advisory list indicates the advice to be given to the owner or user of the system when the inspection shows that the system is not functioning optimally.
The provisions apply to all cases without distinction, and are non-discriminatory. The Article 1.3 of the Buildings Decree 2012 and the Article 1.3 of the Environmental legislation also include a provision for mutual recognition.
The requirements for the verification (in the Annex IV and the Annex XI of the Environmental legislation) apply to both domestic and foreign service providers. The requirement is therefore non-discriminatory.