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Internet-related services

Design guidelines for public administration web services

Guidelines containing technical regulations, pursuant to art. 53, paragraph 1b - public administrations websites of the Digital Administration Code.

The purpose of these guidelines is to define and guide the design and implementation of websites and digital services provided by Public Administrations, as defined in Article 53 of Legislative Decree no. 82 of 7 March 2005, as amended, containing the Digital Administration Code (hereinafter CAD).
• are issued pursuant to Article 71 of the CAD and AGID Decision no. 160 of 2018 on “Regulation for the adoption of guidelines for the implementation of the Digital Administration Code”.
• they contain a list of technical rules, the detailed implementation of which the indications and tools provided on the website https://designers.italia.it SHOULD be used

The addressees of these guidelines are the public authorities, as defined in Article 2(2)(a) of the CAD.