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  • SERV60 - Dienstleistungen im Zusammenhang mit dem Internet

The notification does not cover a product, but rather regulations on the provision of information society services.
The service concerned is the establishment of a data link between the access control systems on the construction sites covered by the draft and the central IT system, as well as the provision of closely related services. The service is provided by a public organisation for the defence of employee rights and for data protection and warranty reasons.

Draft Decree on activities covered by the National Construction Industry Inspection and Reporting System (Nemzeti Építőipari Felügyeleti és Adatszolgáltató Rendszer) and on the Construction Industry Monitoring and Reporting System (Építőipari Monitoring- és Adatszolgáltató Rendszer)

The draft introduces the Construction Industry Monitoring and Reporting System (so-called ‘Glass Gate system’) as a new state-owned IT system that is intended to improve the workers' situation on construction sites in the case of larger volume public construction works, and to enforce their employment rights (including the guarantee of legitimate wages and access to public social security services).

The application of the access control system on construction sites, as defined by the draft, makes the conditions of employment transparent and more efficient by keeping the data of stays on the construction site recorded by the Glass Gate system, and by making them available to the labour and tax authorities with a view to increasing the effectiveness of their inspections, meanwhile applying appropriate data protection safeguards.
The use of the system makes it easier to carry out on-the-spot checks and reduces the administrative burden.
The operation of the Glass Gate system requires the main contractor to set up an access control system on the construction sites concerned. The access control system shall be equipped with means to ensure efficient, safe and secure communication and data transfer between the access control system and the Glass Gate system. To this end, the contractor shall conclude a contract with the public body that has been assigned the task of system operation, for the use of the service that will provide connection to the Glass Gate.
It should be noted that the obligation to apply the Glass Gate system is only proposed to be introduced for large volume construction works (of not less than HUF 700 million net) subject to public procurement. This is because of the gradual phasing-in and the fact that, in the initial phase of the introduction, the State must lead by example in terms of the promotion of workers’ interests in the use of public funds and in terms of legal employment.