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The Decree provides for adaptations to the EPB method of calculation; the calculation method and inspection protocol for the layout of the EPC for residential buildings and small non-residential buildings will also be changed.

The Ministerial decree amending various provisions of the Ministerial Decree of 28 December 2018 laying down general provisions on energy performance regulations, energy performance certificates and certification of contractors and installers, including annexes.

The proposed decree adds a new chapter to the MB of 28 December 2018 to record the calculation method and inspection protocol for the EPC residential buildings and the EPC for small non-residential buildings. In addition, a number of technical changes are being made to the EPB accounting methodology. The transmission reference document (the Annex 4) introduces a rounding rule for the U values, a non-density value for the mechanical attachment of outer insulation systems, and a linear interpolation for the default value for the U values of wooden window profiles. A contradictory requirement is resolved in the Annex 11. The Annex 13 is supplemented by a part applicable to installation requirements, in particular specifications relating to the

dimensioning note, the hydraulic control report and the aerologic control report. In the Annex 18 there are some limited improvements that emerged during the development of the corresponding spreadsheet. A new annex laying down the calculation methodology for connection to an external cold supply system is added.