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This notification concerns the verification of the random number generator.

The random number generator is part of the remote gambling system.
The verification of that gambling system is at the service of a reliable, responsible and verifiable offer of games of chance.

Rules of the Gaming Authority with regard to the remote gambling inspection scheme [version 1.4, May 2021].

This notification concerns parts 97 to 118 of the inspection scheme: The verification of the so-called random number generator.

The inspection scheme contains the technical requirements for the random number generator verification (parts 97-118 of the test schedule).

Explanatory note:
The random number generator guarantees the random character of casino games.
The random number generator must meet the standard SCP.01.03.EN.1.1 (the so-called testing standards for online casino). This can only be done if the random number generator is already set up in advance in accordance with this standard.
There is no mutual recognition in the field of gambling (games of chance are nationally regulated). However, the inspection scheme is similar or corresponds to requirements such as those laid down by the gambling supervisors of other Member States, in particular Denmark.