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  • C10P - Pharmazeutische Produkte
  • C20A - Landwirtschaft, Jagd

C20A - Agriculture, hunting

Non-fibrous hemp

Parliamentary bill amending the Act on Combating Drug Addiction and certain other acts.

The notification covers the provisions of the bill laying down rules for the cultivation of non-fibrous hemp for the exclusive needs of the pharmaceutical and seed industry (so-called: “medical marijuana”). The cultivation of non-fibrous hemp under the proposed legislation would require, as in the case of poppy and fibrous hemp crops, the authorisation of the head of local government (mayor, president of the city) competent for the area where the cultivation takes place. This authorisation can only be issued once it has been entered in the national register of non-fibrous hemp producers kept by the Chief Pharmaceutical Inspector. The bill provides for the imposition of information obligations on growers of non-fibrous hemp, and confers on the Chief Pharmaceutical Inspector appropriate control powers. In addition, non-fibrous hemp crops would have to comply with the standards of protection against unauthorised access laid down by the Minister for the Interior. The bill also contains provisions not covered by the obligation to notify.