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armed private merchant marine security

(Draft) Merchant Marine Protection Scheme

The Merchant Marine Protection Scheme provides for rules on the following issues:

- technical requirements for (helmet) cameras and microphones of private security (Article 5)
as well as:
— protective measures to be taken on board Dutch flagged merchant ships (Article 3);
— requirements for maritime security organisations (Articles 9 to 12 included);
— requirements for maritime security (Articles 13 to 15 included);
— to be used (model) forms (Article 2, 6, 7)
A separate ‘mutual recognition clause’ has not been chosen. This generic description of the minimum prescribed visual and audio equipment implies that less advanced types/editions are not allowed on Dutch flagged merchant ships. This technical requirement in the draft regulation therefore does not have a separate ‘mutual recognition clause’ for maritime security companies that wish to provide their security services on Dutch ships and apply for a licence from the Minister for this purpose.