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  • B20 - Sicherheit

Armed private security for merchant shipping

Decree of [date] establishing the rules implementing the Merchant Shipping Protection Act (Merchant Shipping Protection Decree)

This Decree provides rules on the permitted use of force by private security forces and at storage sites:
Article 3.1 - The permitted use of force by private maritime security forces consist of non-automatic firearms or a semi-automatic shoulder firearms with a maximum calibre of 50 (12.7 mm) with corresponding ammunition of the full metal jacket type.

This generic definition of the sole and exclusive permitted use of force implies that other types/kinds of force are not permitted on merchant ships flying the Dutch flag. For this reason, this technical requirement in the draft Decree does not include a separate ‘mutual recognition clause’ for maritime security firms that would like to offer their security services on Dutch ships and that apply to the Minister for a corresponding licence.