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Ministerial Decree concerning the conditions for the sale and supply of food for medical purposes

Ministerial decree laying down the conditions for the sale and/or delivery of food for medical purposes to the end user

The current Royal Decree and Ministerial Decree lays down rules governing the sale and delivery of food for medical use. These foods are intended for specific target groups and should be used under medical supervision in accordance with the Delegated Regulation (EU) 2016/128 as regards the particular composition and information requirements relating to food for medical use. The framework for sales and delivery is not provided for in this Delegated Regulation. The framework defines 4 distribution channels: dispensing chemists, health care facilities recognised by one of the federated entities, health care facilities, services outside a hospital (distributors and providers of home medical devices) and retail. Additional conditions are imposed for certain distribution channels (restriction to certain foods for medical use, target group and/or need for medical prescription). Specific conditions are also laid down for distance selling.

Keywords: sale and delivery, food for medical purposes