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Electrical equipment, waste electrical equipment, batteries and accumulators, waste batteries and accumulators, tyres, waste tyres

Draft decree on details of the management of certain end-of-life products

The draft decree under assessment is implementing legislation to Act No 542/2020 on end-of-life products. This Act fully replaces current legislation on end-of-life products in Act No 185/2001 on waste and on the amendment of certain other acts, as amended. Together with Act No 185/2001 Coll., all existing implementing legislation has also been repealed and it is therefore necessary to replace it with new legislation.

The proposed decree regulates the details of waste electrical equipment, waste batteries and accumulators and waste tyres.
On the basis of the relevant empowerment provisions in the Act on end-of-life products, the draft decree regulates
- requirements for awareness-raising campaigns;
- details of the take-back, concentration, storage and transport of end-of-life products, including specific requirements for the disposal of used batteries or accumulators containing lithium;
- the form for filing a proposal for registration in the List of Manufacturers and the method of ensuring remote access for entering data into the List of Manufacturers, making changes to and deleting recorded data;
- the scope and method of record-keeping and the contents and scope of the annual report for producers and collective scheme operators;
- the method of determining the minimum deposit amount for producers of solar panels placed on the market from 1 January 2013 and the application form for the use of funds constituting a deposit from the special bound account;
- the application form for the authorisation to operate a collective scheme;
- the minimum scope of verification of data by the auditor;
- electrical equipment sub-groups, details of labelling of waste electrical equipment and the method used to calculate the level of utilisation of waste electrical equipment;
- the means of verifying the functionality and safe use of the taken-back electrical equipment;
- substances and components for priority removal from waste electrical equipment, technical requirements for dismantling, concentration, storage and treatment of waste electrical equipment and a list of selected technical standards;
- a list of selected technical standards for accreditation of professionally qualified third parties ensuring verification of compliance with technical standards by waste electrical equipment processors;
- the scope of ongoing record-keeping and the manner in which waste electrical equipment is reported;
- the scope of the rules of operation of waste EEE treatment facilities;
- a list of investment vehicles in which the funds obtained from contributions paid by solar power plant operators and the proceeds thereof may be temporarily invested;
- details of cross-border transport of used electrical equipment;
- details of the method of marking of batteries or accumulators.

Keywords: end-of-life products, management, waste electrical equipment, waste batteries and accumulators, waste tyres