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Seiners with which bream is mainly caught

Regulation amending the Fisheries Implementing Regulations to allow for further limitation of seine fishing in the case of licences

At present, by right of seining, the Ijsselmeer, IJmeer and Markermeer lakes (hereinafter collectively referred to as the IJsselmeer) may be fished seven days per fishing season, where bream is especially caught. The present amendment makes it possible to provide in the annual licence that, during that fishing season, seine may be used for less than seven days, if necessary from the point of view of stock management. If such an additional restriction is not necessary, the principle shall be: seven days per right of seining. 

For the 2021-2022 fishing season, the number of seine days through the licences will be limited to two days.

This limitation is necessary to allow the bream stock to be restored. Scientific research indicates that the stock is in such a bad state that no intervention can lead to a situation in which the stock will no longer recover. It is expected that this additional limitation will be necessary for the recovery of bream stocks in the coming fishing seasons. However, this will be determined annually on the basis of the best available scientific knowledge and information on the stock.