HR Kroatien
  • B20 - Sicherheit

- requirements for carrying out the private security activities

The Rulebook on the layout and technical requirements for business premises in which the activity of private security is carried out

This Rulebook lays down the requirements for the design of business premises, conditions of ownership or tenure, layout requirements for business premises based on the type of private security activities that are carried out, with new requirements added pertaining to the placement of dogs and equipment.

In accordance with the occupational safety and health regulations, provisions are made regarding fire protection and unlawful activities within business premises, IT and telecommunications equipment and the obligation of having a back-up power supply in the event of power outage, as well as first-aid equipment.
It also lays down requirements regarding weapons safety check prior to performing bodyguard duties. The technical specifications and standards to be applied shall be laid down in respect of weapons storage area and weapons vaults. The authorisation of persons who may have access to weapons and weapons storage area (weapons vaults), as well as operating procedures, are also laid down. The manner and the content of the inspection, as well as requirements for business premisses determined by the fire protection inspector and private security inspector, are laid down. The requirements for the call centre, the number and layout of the premises, the construction specifications, the authorization of persons who are coming and going, and the specifications for the protection of doors, windows, etc., are laid down.