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Insects kept for production purposes.

Decree amending the Veterinarians Decree regarding the authorisation of dry needling of animals by animal physiotherapists, the Animal Holders Decree regarding an amendment to the rules for keeping insects, and the Animal Products Decree regarding some technical improvements.

Article 2.3, first paragraph of the Law on Animals prohibits the use of animals for the production of animal products. This prohibition does not apply, pursuant to Article 2.3, paragraph 2 of the Law on Animals, to animals belonging to animal species or animal categories designated by the Governing Board or pursuant to a general administrative order. Such animals and categories of animals are designated in the Annex II to te Animal Holders Decree. This amending decree removed three insect families from the list set out in the Annex II to the Animal Holders Decree as scientific studies have shown that specific insect species covered by these insect

families may pose risks to public health, animal health, plant health and animal welfare.