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Public road transport stop environments.

Order of the Department of Housing and Local Administration amending Technical Standard 9 approved by Decree 13/2007 of 15 March 2007 regulating the technical regulation on development in promoting accessibility and removal of architectural barriers.

The conditions for the implementation and design of public road transport stop environments are required, as follows:

- A stop environment, with a marquee or a pole, is defined as the space covered by the areas detailed in relation to the functionalities required for the correct use of the stops. These areas may overlap.
- New conditions are established for the stop environment relating to:
1) Accessible and unobstructed manoeuvrability and ability to walk for pedestrians, as well as the correct use and positioning of all devices and accessibility measures.
2) Possibility of bringing closer together the vehicle in the area of its access doors and the curb of the pavement or platform.
3) Installation of a tactile-visual paving band that is bright yellow in tone and colour and with a width of 40 cm, which will be in high contrast with the adjacent pavement.
4) Possibility to supplement the vertical signage with horizontal signage in the roadway area where necessary to guarantee the correct access, approach and exit of the bus to the dock of the stop environment.